Do you have a message for the content industries? Then we need you!

STEAL THIS FILM II (codename: Dissolving Fortress) is currently in production at a secret bunker location Berlin. We're very excited about its forthcoming release. But we need you to help us complete it. Tbe task is simple: take a few minutes, turn on your webcam and microphone, and record your message to the intellectual property industries.

Express yourself to the full extent of your capabilities, using costume, mask or avatar, from Second Life or 'real' life, whether you're young or old, drunk or sober — you are a Peer and we want to hear from you. Use a Camcorder, a Webcam or a Microphone — record the statement in the best quality you can. There is no minimum quality but we'd appreciate you getting us the best recordings you can. (If you don't have software for recording video, you can use YouTube's help -- please tag it "STFII" and mail us the link:

We're also looking for people to help with voiceover: join us on IRC to learn more. irc:// (enable SSL)

Upload your message
By uploading this material you agree to its inclusion in STEAL THIS FILM II which may be distributed in any medium in any part of the world. Please understand that your contribution may not appear in the final film, and that if it does it will probably be edited. We may also use your contribution to publicise the documentary, so don't record anything that you might regret later, and then blame us for it. You also agree that you are solely responsible for any slanderous, murderous or otherwise injurious claims or statements, although we will probably leave out anything really nasty so you might save your breath.